Friday, 13 June 2014

Don't Give Up Just Yet!

Giving up, it is that word that we often use sometimes loosely but when you really do give up.. that's it. That is the end of hope, faith, perseverance, courage, hard work, dreams, future and you can add on to the list.

Giving up is a choice, perseverance is a choice, hope is a choice and faith is a choice. Many are the times that I had tried all I could, did my best to get things right, but it just did not seem to work. When I was on the verge of giving up, then something came up, that just uplifted my spirit and my strength was restored and I fought the battle. 

What am I trying to say here, sometimes we give up because we have lost all hope, sometimes we give up because we think we can not do it, sometimes we give up because of peer pressure. But there is always someone or something that we encounter in our lives that will bring us back and uplift our spirit. So let us not give up. We can fall many times but as long as we try our best to stand up again we will remain on the ground. It may not be easy to stand up again but if you believe that you can stand up again, then YES you CAN. 

Standing up even when you have nothing to hold on to, believing when you see no way out, trusting when you have no reason to trust and believing even when you can not see, that is hope. And that is what keeps us going everyday, we hope to wake up and accomplish everything we have scheduled for the day, even if we don't know what the day holds for us. We buy tickets for concerts 6 months in advance because we believe we will still be alive and be able to go to that concert then. So if we can think like this at times, why should we give up when times are hard?

 If you are passing through a tough and challenging time, don't give up, look back at your exploits, the times you conquered your challenges, the time you made it when you thought you wouldn't, the time you survived when you thought this is it, the time you excelled when you thought you were a complete failure. It is these conquests in our lives, these testimonies, that give us hope, strength and a reason not to give up just yet!

So go on, encourage your friend, your loved one, that little girl, that woman who may be at the verge of giving up when help is just around the corner. 
All things are possible if you believe.

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